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The Sign of Christ's Return

Learn how Solar and Lunar Eclipses, Jubilees and Sabbatical Years are announcing the Coming of Christ. The ďSign of Christís ReturnĒ will show you what to look for so you will be ready for the Rapture and His Return! The Sign of Christís Return is loaded with invaluable prophetic information that you will be amazed by and will enjoy reading. It also has a very strong message of salvation. This is a great book to place in the hands of one who is lost!

The 1st great event in Manís history is, of course, his creation by Almighty God. Satan deceived man, and they were banished from the home God made for them.

The 2nd great event in Manís history was the flood of Noahís day. God offered people deliverance, if they would believe the preaching of Noah and enter the Ark. Satan again deceived the people of Noahís day, and all perished except for Noah and his family.

The 3rd great event in Manís history is the Salvation of mankind. God has offered to the world the gift of eternal salvation when Christ died on the cross and rose from the dead three days later. Yet again, Satan has worked feverishly for the past 2000 years to discount the record of Christ and to keep people from accepting the gift of Salvation!

The 4th great event in the history of Mankind is about to take place, which will be:

The Rapture(Snatching Away) of the Church by 2018!

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