Here are the contents of my book.

There are 309 pages of invaluable end time information and charts to help you know and understand the times we are living in. This will help you be prepared for the return of our Saviour! We are living in the days of the Rapture of The Bride of Christ. This free book is also a great witnessing tool. Print as many copies as you like! Place a copy in the hands of your lost loved ones and friends. "

Introduction --- My Desire for all who read this book.

Chapter 1: The Beginning
Chapter 2: Introducing The Creator
Chapter 3: The Rapture
Chapter 4: The Seven Year Peace Plan
Chapter 5: The Seventh and Last Kingdom
Chapter 6: The Beast
Chapter 7: The Mark of the Beast
Chapter 8: Those Who Take the Mark of the Beast
Chapter 9: The False Prophet
Chapter 10: The Forty Two Month Great Tribulation
Chapter 11: The Great Multitude
Chapter 12: The Two Witnesses
Chapter 13: 144,000 Israelis
Chapter 14: The Harlot and Babylon
Chapter 15: The Judgments of God
Chapter 16: The Wrath of God
Chapter 17: The Marriage Supper of The Lamb
Chapter 18: Christ's Second Coming/Battle of Armageddon
Chapter 19: The One Thousand Year Reign of Christ
Chapter 20: The Final Rebellion
Chapter 21: The Great White Throne Judgment
Chapter 22: The Lake of Fire
Chapter 23: New Jerusalem
Chapter 24: The Chronological Order of Events
Chapter 25: When Could These Things Begin?
Chapter 26: What is the Purpose of Life?
Chapter 27: Money, Wealth and Riches
Chapter 28: A Message to the New Age Followers