How you can help in this ministry of Jesus to the lost!

The ministry of: "MillionsLoveChrist" is actively looking for those to share Christ's salvation gift with. We do this through passing out our: "Love Letters" We realize that people are in a hurry and they will not stop and really listen to the Gospel message as they need to. This is why we hand out a small "Love Envelope" that reads: "Because you are Loved!" The person usually smiles and says: "Thanks!"

Some times the person will place it in their pocket, but most times they will begin reading it right there. You see, people are naturally curious. They are also very surprised that a stranger would actually stop to give them something for free, and then that stranger tells them that they are loved! It really makes them feel special, and for people to feel special is important in this crazy world today! This is why people are so receptive of this way to minister. It doesn't pull them away from their busy schedule, the item is small and easily able to be put away in their pocket. Also, they read a short statement on the front which we all want to hear: "Your are loved!" Also, they are not being pressured into making a decision for Jesus. The total time to greet, hand out and say, "Be Blessed!" takes less than 10 seconds!

Yet, those ten seconds can change a soul from spending an eternity in Hell or in Heaven with their Lord and Savior!


If you do, please consider helping us share the Love of Jesus and the power of His Blood with those whom He died to save from satan's trap!

Email me at:

You can download the "Love Letter" right from this website.
Print as many as you like, and the folding istructions are also included.

Please share Jesus with the lost! We are called to reconcile the lost to the Heavenly Father!

Go to: "Win the Lost" page to listen to music videos which will stir the Love of Jesus in your heart for the lost, as Christ also loves them! There is also a Teaching video by Keith Green of Charles Finney's message: "Devotions or Devotion" Also, a message by Charles Finney on: "How to Win Souls" May God Richly Bless You and your family! Thank you for your help and support!

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